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What Britain Thinks Quiz

What do people in Britain think about things like politics, unemployment and relationships?

Each year NatCen's British Social Attitudes survey asks over 3,000 people what they think about different social issues and what it's like to live in Britain.

Since 1983 we've been measuring and tracking changes in people's social, political and moral attitudes.

The survey is a critical gauge of public opinion, and is used by the Government, journalists and academics.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of British attitudes.

The quiz works on PCs, tablets and mobiles and to see it at its finest use an up to date browser like Chrome and Safari.

What percentage of the British population think of themselves as working class?Please select one.
Which age group is most likely to say they are proud to be British?Please select a group.
What percentage of people describe themselves as racially prejudiced?Please select one.
How long do people think migrants from the EU should have to wait before getting the same benefits as British citizens?Tick one answer.

Get benefits immediately

1 year

3 years or more

What percentage of the public think that for someone to be considered "truly British" they should be able to speak English?Tick one answer.





What proportion of people agree that one parent can bring up a child just as well as two parents?Please select a group.
Which age group are most likely to agree that a man’s job is to earn money and a woman’s job is to look after the home and family?Please select a group.
51% say gay couples should be allowed to adopt a child. What percentage said this in 1983?Tick one answer.




In comparison to the 1990s, are the public more or less accepting now of extra-marital sex?Tick one answer.

Less accepting

About the same

More accepting

Which age group is most likely to think unemployed people could find a job if they really wanted one?Please select a group.
Which party supporters were most likely to say the government should spend more money on welfare benefits for the poor, even if this leads to higher taxes?Please select a party.
Which of these was the most common view about levels of poverty in Britain?Tick one answer.

Poverty has increased over the past 10 years

Poverty has remained around the same level over the past 10 years

Poverty has decreased over the past 10 years

Which of these groups is biggest in Britain today?Please select a group.
Which of these groups is most likely to say sex before marriage is wrong?Please select a group.
What percentage say it’s everyone's duty to vote?Please select one.
What percentage of the British public trust politicians to tell the truth?Please select one.
In which year did trust in the Government fall to an all time low?Pick a year.
  • 2000
  • 2005
  • 2009
  • 2013
In which of these years was the monarchy most popular with the public?Pick a year.
  • 1994
  • 2000
  • 2006
  • 2012
74% of people agreed that the death penalty should be used for some crimes in 1986. What percentage say this now?Please select one.
72% of people said that criminals should be given stiffer sentences in 1986. What percentage say this now?Please select one.
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